Medical Alarm Systems Michigan USA

Medical alarm systems are quite the necessary things in some households where you have seniors who are living alone or you have kids and you need to leave them in the house alone. This way if there is some situation which is an emergency one, you can simply press a button and your family will be alerted in a second and they will come rushing back to you. Now there are many medical alarm systems in Michigan. Some of them are:

Care Response

7971 Ann Arbor St, Dexter MI

This company is a very reliable one. Their call centers are open, every hour of the day, every day of the year. Their call centers are also UL certified and have very qualified as well as dependable staffs who have specified instructions which they work on. You won’t have to purchase any sort of equipment or any contract. You can install the device or cancel it at any given time. All you have to pay for this is a $50 fee for the installation and a $40 fee for the monthly service.

Midwest Medical Alert Inc

51638 Oro Dr, Shelby Township, MI

This company has merged with Philips to that you can get the best medical alert system in Michigan. Almost 6 million senior citizens, use this so you don’t have to worry about reliability. You will also find, that most of the doctors as well as the hospitals which are available will recommend this product to people. This will take you back around $60 for the installation and then whatever is required for the service fee.

Advanced Alert

This company allows people to try out their medical alert systems for a period of 10 days. After that if you don’t like it you can give the system back. Buying the entire system will take you around $25 which includes the charges for shipping it, as well as installing it. Along with that, you have to pay a fee for monitoring, which is going to take you another $24.95 every month. So this medical alert system in Michigan isn’t very expensive and will help you out too.

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