Medical Alert Alarms For Senior Citizens

Medical alert alarm is one way in which a senior citizen can live happily in his home without having to depend on others all the time. Even if the person is sick, a medical alert alarm provides the scope so that they do not have to get admitted to the hospital.

A medical alert alarm system has an alarm button. This button is worn by the elderly and the sick on their neck as pendants or around their wrists as bracelets. When the person is in trouble, he/she simply presses the button. A radio signal is sent by this that reaches a base unit. This base unit is connected through the telephone to the person.

There is an emergency response center present which is in charge of receiving the alarms. No sooner does it receive the alarm it contacts the senior citizen or the sick to ask what he/she requires. If the person is able to speak, well and good. If however, he/she is not able to answer the phone, this center immediately sends ambulance to their house and notifies their closest relatives or neighbors.


Medical alert alarms are available in a variety of prices. You can get them in a few hundred dollars. You can also buy them for thousands. But this is one arena where quality should not be compromised. It should also be kept in mind that the cheapest medical alert alarm is not always the best. Medical alert alarms are valued to be of quality when they display the following features.


The medical alert alarm should be easy to wear and easy to push. It is used for a time of emergency so it has to be user friendly. The medical alert alarm has to be UL listed. It also has to regular testing for free. This would ensure that it is functioning properly. The system needs to be compatible with the phone system of the house as it has to be connected to that line.

The system should have battery backup. If you want to buy a medical alert alarm system then you need to compare prices and see what kind of money the company charges for monitoring it regularly.

A medical alert alarm provides safety and security to elderly and sick people.

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