Medical Alert Dog Tags For Acute Diabetics

Medial alert dog tags have come as a big boon to people suffering from Type 1 diabetes. In the US millions of people coast to coast are suffering from this illness that leaves them on the edge of a precipice requiring blood monitoring constantly and testing for glucose levels. Dogs are the best friends of human beings and they have now emerged as the best saviors for people suffering from this debilitating disease.

Medical alert dogs are trained by companies that provide assistance and conduct rescue operations by detecting changes in body odors of people suffering from hypoglycemia.

The condition is characterized by falling or a change in sugar levels and you wont be able to detect any change in body scent, but dogs, with higher sensing capabilities, can detect slight variations. They have very sharp sense of smell and can detect even minor changes not noticed by human beings.

Dogs trained since they are eight weeks old

Medical alert dog tags are meant for animals trained earlier to help the blind and they have already served as medical alert animals. They are usually trained as soon as they are eight weeks old and they can easily help those suffering from acute diabetes.

Any changes in sugar levels can cause severe medical problems in those affected, leading to even temporary blackouts. Their sense of smell is more enhanced and trainers develop the innate qualities of detection to higher levels for benefiting diabetics with medical alert dog tags.

Owners and patients who use them are satisfied with their performance and experience great help during periods of fluctuating sugar levels. Not only do they provide life saving help and even act as rescuers, but they are endearing companions as well.

Dogs even share the experiences of their owners and they never tire in their duties. People or close ones of patients suffering from acute diabetes may not empathize with them, but patients have been provided with unconditional love and care with medical alert dog tags around.

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