Use of Gold Medical Alert a Luxury

A Gold Medical Alert may be termed as Medical jewelry. The invention and use of medical alert devices has brought about a remarkable change in the medical world. With the increase of various kinds of diseases the worth of all these medical alerts has also soared up.

Medical Alert

A medical alert is an electronic devise that is worn by a patient especially when he is out of an enclosed area or even when he is on the road. It is worn on the body in the shape of a pendant or necklace, buttons, bracelets or wrist watches. It is fitted with sensors that are used to activate the transmission system. It is installed inside the gadget and connects to the radio frequencies or the telephone lines to reach out to the patients families or friends or the doctor concerned in case of emergency.

Why worn

A medical alert device should be worn for medical necessity. An individual having problems like Asthma, Epilepsy, and Hypertension or is short of Sight or Hearing and such other problems never knows when they might get the attack. So it is absolutely necessary to wear the medical alert devices at all times. They help in getting medical assistance quickly and their relatives can also be alerted immediately.

Variety of gadgets

Since it is such a necessary item of regular use jewelers have taken upon themselves to make it as attractive as possible. You get them in different shapes, sizes and metals.

Women who are fond of jewelry, especially gold jewelry love wearing the medical alert devices made of gold. Obviously it is a luxury to wear pendants, necklaces or bracelets of gold that have the electronic mechanism fitted to it. They are quite costly ranging somewhere around $100 and above. It is naturally not affordable to all who love to wear gold. The gold medical alert is used mainly by the affluent group.

However the original jewelry gold is not used for these items. The 14k gold is mainly utilized for making them.

Whatever may be the metal or the shape the utility remains the same and must be worn by all who have health problems. Wearing a Gold Medical Alert is but a luxury for the affluent society.

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