What is the Medic Alert Foundation

The Medic Alert Foundation is the name of a very famous non profit company that was established in 1956. The headquarters of this company are located in Turlock, California. This company performs a very important function for people. A database of information for its members is maintained whereby a detailed history of their medical conditions is specified.

When any emergency occurs, this information is made available to the medical authorities. Critically important medical data is supplied by the members to this foundation. After this they receive a necklace tag or metal bracelet which they wear all the time.

This can be utilized by emergency medical services or even law enforcement agencies to gain access to their medical history. This in turn would help them to take care of any special medical needs they might have.

Common Medical Conditions

There are some common medical conditions in which you can notify the Medic Alert Foundation. Allergy is the first condition. A lot of people face allergies and this might be one of the reasons why it occupies such an important place in the Foundation. Allergy can either be of latex, or food, or insects. When we talk of allergy, we also think of asthma. This is another medical condition which is covered by the Medic Alert Foundation.

It also covers autism and Alzheimers disease. Hemophilia, diabetes, heart diseases and epilepsy are some of the other diseases which the Foundation has engraved on its devices. You can even have the problem of hypertension engraved on your device. Parkinsons, adrenal insufficiency and interactive medicines like MAOIs are also covered. Pacemakers and implanted heart valves are some of the implants that are covered in this Foundation.

The devices of the Medic Alert Foundation imitate regular jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and ID tags. So it does not look bad and also protects you from any harm. The current President of the Medic Alert Foundation is Dr. Martin Kabat.


Though the Medic Alert Foundation has its headquarters in the U.S, it caters to different countries worldwide and it has around nine overseas affiliates. Cyprus, Iceland, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe are some countries in which the Medic Alert Foundation has its branches.

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